Threat Sequencing System

Our Threat Sequencing System represents a significant breakthrough in threat intelligence, reshaping how our customers understand and respond to security risks. Engineered to manage high velocity, high density  data feeds with exceptional flexibility, it enables us to deliver insights to our customers with unprecedented depth and precision.

Our software is capable of managing terabytes of data which can be deployed in cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments with ease. The software’s sequencing logic is built on interconnected, modular, and scalable components, allowing for easy customisation to meet specific operational needs. It integrates our Object-Oriented Ontology and Quality Assessment Framework, transforming how we process risk intelligence data.

Our architecture seamlessly integrates open-source, commercial or classified  data streams and knowledge bases, facilitating swift deployment of advanced data sequencing and foundational models while maintaining the highest security standards. Each data point is automatically reviewed, assessed, and tracked to provide clients with comprehensive lineage information and confidence measures based on rigorous industry standards.