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Surfacing uncharted risk

We detect, identify, classify, manage and mitigate global risks for your organisation. We provide granular insight into emerging threats, mapping true risk transparency and building bespoke, highly responsive insight for you at every level.

We detect, identify, classify, manage and mitigate global risks for your organisation

Our Object-Oriented Ontology provides one of the only functional digital twinning capabilities available to date, allowing for rapid exploitation of thousands of raw data types.

We turn the unknown and overlooked into precision insights

Today’s global geopolitical landscape continually generates greater risks. Hostile state actors are vying for influence beyond their domestic borders.

The use of state-sponsored proxies and obfuscated hostile groups demands a more dynamic and active approach to identifying, attributing and monitoring these constantly changing threats anywhere on earth.

We Do

Empowered edge through expanding discovery

You may be highly aware of current affairs and political dynamics, but you can easily overlook the most seemingly benign risks.

Customers, absorbed in open sources and constrained by tradition, often miss critical risks. This inability to proactively identify what they are unaware of leaves these hidden threats unaddressed.

Our technology stack removes the noise, providing the edge you need for your organisation.

Make business-critical decisions with confidence

Disruptive Industries™ fuses cutting-edge technology with industry engagement and insightful domain knowledge to give you tangible awareness on a globally persistent scale.

We reduce your research burden, and increase accuracy and consistency in the areas that matter to you.

Our risk detection technology and provenance framework ensures you have the decision confidence you need in a modern geopolitical environment.

“Disruptive Industries are a world class team that have delivered insights for our business and our customers that are utterly unique and immensely powerful.”

Naomi Hulme, Skyral Managing Director

About Disruptive Industries

What does "Rise Above the Data" mean?

In a world saturated with endless data streams, our mission is to transcend the noise and extract meaningful insights that drive real progress.


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Disruptive Industries is a passionate community of innovators, analysts, risk managers and developers.

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