Object-Oriented Ontology (O3)

Our Object-Oriented Ontology

O3 is the foundation for all our intelligence products. This framework is meticulously designed with both analysts and decision makers in mind. With O3, we empower our clients across diverse sectors to mitigate and address evolving threats with precision, rather than react to them.

By embedding O3 and its associated knowledge bases at the core of your organisation’s digital ecosystem, we can not only help streamline your threat management process, but also empower your team with key insights so you can effectively anticipate, navigate and mitigate potential events.

O3 facilitates the deployment of AI, allowing us to transcend traditional risk identification and management techniques. Our analysts also use this framework to construct and continuously update monitored knowledge bases and data feeds for our clients. With O3, we can confidently detect known and uncharted risks from various origins such as cybercrime, geopolitical tensions, or other sources.

In a dynamic and unpredictable landscape, O3 is engineered to adapt to emerging risks, changing environments and new data, ensuring our customers are well-prepared to tackle any challenges that come their way.