Indicators and Warnings

We use cutting-edge data analytics and deep learning technologies to deliver Indicators & Warnings (I&W) with precise, real-time alerts on emerging events and associated risks.

Our I&W component is at the forefront of advancements in data analytics and deep learning. It excels in detecting, categorising, and monitoring complex behavioural patterns across various data sources. Our system swiftly generates precise warning signals by identifying any deviations from established patterns.

These alerts are supported by a comprehensive lineage of data, offering users a complete history of the data’s origin, processing, and changes over time. We ensure users have all the context they need to make informed decisions.

Our intelligence solutions harness the collaborative efforts of analysts and cutting-edge technologies through human-machine teaming, enhancing efficiency when identifying and managing risks. This approach elevates our customers’ ability to detect potential threats and respond to them to unprecedented levels.