About Disruptive Industries™

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What does "Rise Above the Data" mean?

In a world saturated with endless data streams, our mission is to transcend the noise and extract meaningful insights that drive real progress. “Rise Above the Data” is a call to action, urging individuals and organisations to break free from data overload and embrace a more intentional, strategic engagement with information.

We reject the idea of data accumulation for its own sake.

Instead, we champion the art of discernment, focusing on the deliberate curation of relevant insights. “Rise Above the Data” encourages a mindful and purposeful connection with information, a commitment to distilling the signal from the noise, navigating the vast data landscape with a discerning eye, and uncovering the gems that spark innovation.

Our primacy of purpose is to identify uncharted risk.

Disruptive Industries™ is unlike any other intelligence platform or service provider – we do not wait for requirements and are driven by what the world really needs to know.

We believe in human-in-the-loop assisted machine learning where our analysts, researchers and data scientists are the backbone of our technology allowing us to build technology stacks that are unrivalled.

A focussed team

The team at Disruptive Industries™ forged their trade in defence and wider markets and work within multiple verticals to provide you with access to dynamic and tangible insights in near-real-time.

A unique global system

Our intelligence and data science specialists have designed and built a proprietary risk awareness capability that is functionally solving the ever elusive unknown unknowns paradigm – this technology challenges standard open source in the only way possible: with focus, logic, evidence and tradecraft lineage.

Harness the power of data

We understand the importance of attribution. Our intelligence is underpinned by some of the most advanced and comprehensive data sequencing on the market that is proprietary and meticulously designed to integrate into any platform.

Lee Wylde MBE - Founder & CEO

Accomplished former British Military Intelligence operator and capability development specialist, renowned for problem-solving in challenging field environments with limited resources, providing crucial support to thousands of troops.

Caroline Cotterall - Chief Operating Officer

Caroline, a seasoned Delivery & Operations Lead, brings extensive expertise in successfully delivering products and services across diverse sectors such as government, defence, security, automotive, retail, and telecommunications.

Anthony Mensier - Chief Technology Officer

Anthony brings over 10 years of experience in machine-assisted intelligence, initially as an intelligence analyst and self-taught coder. With a strong startup background in advanced data ETL, analytics, and AI for National Security, Anthony excels in defining vision and roadmaps, managing full-stack engineering, and data science teams, driving innovation and excellence in technology solutions.

Tom Bullock - Chief Product Officer

Tom brings a wealth of experience from his role as a Senior OSINT Analyst at Janes, where he pioneered and spearheaded the development of Janes’ OSINT Force Monitor. Tom is responsible for the management and development of our in-house analysts, product exploitation and future development of customer facing tools.

In 2023-2024 Disruptive Industries™ raised several rounds of financing which brought together a number of respected VCs and angel investors led by Expeditions Fund.